Visa Card for Credit Card – How to Make and Operate?


Have a Visa Card Leader for credit or CrediCard Mastercard ? What about? Today many people already have credit cards being held or additional, it does not matter, what really matters is having the credit and being able to use as you wish. Of course in a controlled and disciplined way.

If you are already eighteen, you have realized that this is a liberating age, you become legally an adult citizen, you can vote and many other things that you could not even get personal loan online.

But regardless of age, being boy, man or lord, you have access to the administrators to get your first credit card. Obviously having a credit card generates a huge anxiety, at least when it is the first credit card. However this is not reciprocal, most credit card companies are not so eager to give you one.

Today, everything is made easier, thanks to the advent of the internet, with a cell phone or smartphone you can download several applications from credit card companies to see who will approve it first, but if you are negative, look at companies that are known by provide credit cards without consulting for who is restricted in name.


I want to ask for a credit card? How do I do?


It goes without saying that “being old enough to qualify for a credit card without consultation or the conventional cards does not mean that you are really ready to have one approved.” You need to be responsible enough to only buy what you can afford and pay your bill every month without having to be reminded.

Getting a credit card before being fully prepared can mean a disaster for your pocket, credit and name. Do not order a Visa LeaderCard just to test how to create debt and not pay it.


Credit card without Visa or Mastercard consultation


Credit card without Visa or Mastercard consultation


Learn all you can about how to use credit cards so that they become your friends and not executioners who have sent your name to the SPC and Serasa mud, smudging your reputation and restricting your access to credit and funding.

Usually what makes it difficult to obtain a credit card is when you do not have enough income and irreparable credit history. Credit history and credit scores are one of the key factors that credit card issuers consider when approving a candidate.

As the Visa Leader Card, this is not a big problem, even if you are negative with restriction in name gets the ordeal because it is a card without consultation of the name in the protection organs .


Who can apply for a Leader Visa credit card


Who can apply for a Leader Visa credit card

All persons over 18 years of age who hold “regular Social Security” may apply for the Leader Credit Card and Leader Visa Card. It is necessary to prove income of at least one minimum wage.


Documents to apply for the Leader Card


Documents to apply for the Leader Card

The documents required to make a Leader card are:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of Income: work permit, against current check and / or current credit card statements and / or current account statement.

One more detail, for customers who do not have a signed portfolio, can present credit cards from other establishments and / or additional credit card bills.

To request the Leader Card and the LeaderCard Visa Card, access the;
Website: . Fill in the data requested for the membership proposal. You can choose the due date of your card’s invoices. After completing everything, click “Next”.

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