Using Credit Card Online You Still Can Not


Use your ” credit card online “, you still do not have confidence in the Web to use it in Internet shopping? Today, everyone can buy goods, products and services online, make personal loans, research subjects for school, compare prices, talk with friends, make money online, complete vocational courses, make friends, ask for financing, increase the network, communicate for free , that’s only 0.002% of everything we can do on the Internet.

Usar o Cartão de Crédito Online


But, they still have one thing to let many people with the flea behind the ear, use the credit card online . Of all the possibilities I mentioned, one of the best things we can do on the Internet is to be able to buy any product or article that we have the condition to buy. Online, everything is in virtual time, I myself am in Brazil and even then I can buy a product in a virtual store in Hong Kong despite the time zone and depending on the way of Shipping, the merchandise arrives in 2 or 3 days in my house .

When buying in the real world, we can even pick up the product, but there are other concerns – you have to go to the physical store, you have to know if it is open, with the transit of capital will arrive in time, merchandise is gone before you are in the store, and if the payment system falls, if you do not have the product you will have to move to another store, “this has already happened to me.” Everything I said is no concern when you are wanting to shop at an online shopping store.

Comparison sites

Online Convenience

When it comes to shopping online, the consumer has thousands of options available, not to mention “comparison sites” like Buscapé, Jacotei, Bonfaro, Zoom that give you the chance to go online with the most affordable and reliable prices for buy anything you need at that moment. Another important detail is that you can shop at a distance with just one click, if the store does not have the product you want, just go to another store directly from your computer, tablet, smartphone or cell phone.

Online Convenience

Online ConvenienceOnline Convenience


Buying online you do not even have to worry about whether the store will be open or not, generally large online stores run 24 hours and seven days a week, the purchase can be made at the time you set. Contrary to what many people think, there are no problems you would face in a real world purchase that would not happen in a virtual store.


Real Money or Electronic

 Real Money or Electronic

The big obstacle to everything I’m writing is the payment, we all know that “virtual stores” do not work with real money, when we buy online “physical money” (paper) has no purchase value, only “electronic money” can complete the transactions, so this means that you need to have or use a credit or debit card to make the payment or use an online service such as Paypal, an online shopping facilitator without having to disclose the card number and code to the shopkeeper.

Buy online with Card


Shopping at virtual stores with your credit card online is still difficult for you? So know that the risks we run in the real world are practically the same as what we run in the virtual world when it comes to credit and debit cards, just as we should be careful when shopping at a store in Shopping. online shopping.

Almost all online stores accept credit cards of various banners, some also accept your debit card for immediate discount, so if you want to take advantage of buying online without having headaches, make payments via Paypal, currently a good part of the stores are already accepting this service.


Care for offers

 Care for offers

Beware of fancy deals, razzle prices, ease beyond the bill, these are the main ways you get ripped off. One of the ways that forgeries will try to get your card number is through creating fake websites of tempting offers, why? For you to enter your number, security code and personal information. Based on this principle – shop on trusted and known sites, use price comparators, search the Internet for consumer complaints and complaints, be wary of fantastic offers, never use lan house for online shopping.

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