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(Vienna, 18 January 2017). The Viennese regional bank WSK Bank AG takes for the third time in a row the 1st overall place in the current comparison of Austrian credit institutions.

These days, the current results of the Austrian Banking Ranking 2017 will be announced. The ranking analyzes the banking scene in Austria according to various criteria. Above all the aspects earning power1, security2 and independence3 are in focus and are included in the evaluation.

It turns out that, as in previous years, small banks are ahead in terms of these factors. “For the third time in succession, we are reaching first place in this benchmark comparison this year,” says Andreas Maleschek, CEO of WSK Bank AG, about the latest top ranking.





The manageable size of WSK Bank AG enables flexible decisions based on personal criteria and thus becomes a strength. Business decisions, such as lending, are not just based on numbers. Also the current and individual life situation and planning of the customers counts. “This clearly differentiates us from large institutes. And we’ve been doing well with this strategy for years, “says Maleschek.


WSK Bank AG (formerly Wiener Spar- und Kreditinstitut) was founded in 1871 and has its headquarters in Vienna Währing. Its business activities are concentrated in Austria, with a regional focus on Vienna. WSK Bank AG has a total of four branches in the Viennese districts of Favoriten, Meidling, Ottakring and Währing and attaches great importance to the personal care of its customers. The focus of activities is on the support of private customers in the area of ​​credit transactions and savings deposits. In the current Austrian banking ranking, WSK Bank AG holds its first place for the third time in a row.


[1] derived from interest margin and EGT as well as the tax performance
[2] High core capital after Tier 1 (less surrogate capital)
[3] Balance between customer deposits and customer loans

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